About us

Healthtard website is created for providing useful practical stuff for healthy living. It is targeted towards common man including technology enthusiast, students, parents, working people both service class as well as business class.

Healthy living implies both physical and psychological well being,but most people now days living a very disordered life with herd mentality, especially common man who is unaware of pros and cons of technological advancement and social conditioning.

The Content that this website aimed to deliver value on a continual basis is divided into various categories so as to sort out the subject matter concerned by you.

Currently, healthtard content is divided into 5 categories :

  1. Health and Family : It includes the essential health and wellness information for the entire family as healthy families imply  happy families.
  2. Food and Diet : It includes the valuable diet and nutrition scientific guidelines in an easy to comprehend style to ensure sound health for everyone. The references are provided for further research and readings.
  3. Hospital Awareness: It includes the most necessary information that a common man should be aware of in order to prevent confusions and health complications arising out of visiting or working in a hospital.
  4. Health Technology : It includes the information related to medical device technology and equipment that revolutionized the healthcare sector around the world.
  5. Miscellaneous: It encompasses articles from all other categories.

An advertisement may be visible on the web page of which we get a small amount on per click basis however healthtard doesn’t recommend any product or brand.

Enjoy your navigation to valuable , thrilling, passionate ride into the world of Health and Technology for Family. Keep smiling and you can always share with us beautiful and happy snapshots of your healthy families, we would be glad  to see them.

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Heathtard Team