Affirmation and Gratitude To Get Things Done Effortlessly: Mental wellbeing and Productivity

Affirmations and feeling gratitude are amazing ways to let go of or address old negative thoughts and get things done effortlessly. In this article, we will explore how to use positive affirmations for improved professional well-being, wellness, and happiness. Notice how you are feeling right now when you think about all the work responsibilities that have been causing you stress. You may feel some pressure building up in your body.

How To Become Professional - Open Mindset To Maximize Potential

The key skill needed to become a professional is to understand that no moment is exactly the same as another. Everything around us is constantly changing. 

However, most people tend to see situations and individuals as if they are the same as before, viewing them through the lens of our habitual perception. We can call this a closed mindset.

In a closed mindset, everything changes, but our mind doesn't always follow.

Consider the following points: 

  • When you meet someone you recognize well, do you see them as they really are or as a mirrored reflection of what you already know about them? 

  • Do you perceive an object or situation for what it truly is, or do you see a reflection of what you are accustomed to seeing? 

  • Similarly, when facing a familiar situation, do you view it as a new opportunity or as "same old" based on your past experiences?

In other words, do you see the vivid, present reality or just a collection of old memories?

Open Mindset To Maximize Potential

Identify opportunity: Observe everything with curiosity, as if for the first time. Seeing everything as if it opens our minds to finding the positive potential in everything. 

Have a open mind: Open mind means to break our usual, neurologically conditioned framework for people and situations, and to look at these things anew. Seeing things as if for the first time opens our minds to fresh possibilities. It means to see the positive potential in situations, in others, and in ourselves. 

Be curious: Open mind is developed through mindfulness training. Be curious about each in-breath, as it is always new. Be interested in each out-breath because it, too, is also new. And be curious about each distraction, as it is never the same. 

So the key takeaway is that seeing things as if for the first time opens our minds to new possibilities. It means seeing the positive potential in situations, in people, and in ourselves.

Having clear priorities

As a beginner, one may work hard but still have lower productivity and success, as the work may not be heading in the right direction. 

Take a moment to think about the difference between being active and being productive. You may find that being “active” doesn't necessarily mean being “productive”. 

For example, writing a lot of emails may be very active, but not necessarily very productive. Similarly, spending hours in meetings is certainly active, but may not always help you progress towards achieving your goals. 

If we apply the Pareto Principle, many of us find that eighty percent of our effort is spent on activities that bring us only twenty percent of the outcome. 

Conversely, sometimes we can achieve eighty percent of the outcome by exerting only twenty percent effort. 

The key to productivity is prioritizing activities that bring the most significant outcome and constantly relating our activities to our main goals. 

We often find ourselves caught up in the busyness of our daily life, simply following the activities in our schedule. It’s like we’re addicted to action. 

Instead of prioritizing what's on your schedule, why not schedule your priorities? This week, take some time to ensure you're clear on the activities that may bring you closer to achieving your goals. Notice when you become trapped by action addiction. 

Be sure to include your priorities in your schedule, so you know you're working towards things that have meaning for you. 

The key takeaway is that the art of productivity is to prioritize activities that bring the greatest outcome. 

And doing so requires time to ensure you're clear on the activities that will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

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