How To Become Professional - Open Mindset To Maximize Potential

The key skill needed to become a professional is to understand that no moment is exactly the same as another. Everything around us is constantly changing.  However, most people tend to see situations and individuals as if they are the same as before, viewing them through the lens of our habitual perception. We can call this a closed mindset.

Mindful Eating - A Healthy habit

The centre of mindful eating design is to slow down and be completely in tune with all tastes and textures of the food at hand. It is a great practices to improve relationship with food and building healthy long-term eating habits.

In the event that you eat excessively quick, the completion sign may not show up until you have just eaten excessively. This is extremely normal when we don't give attention to physical hunger cues. Thus eating slowly and only until you’re full is all part of mindful eating.

Here are some steps to eat more mindfully:

  • Be grateful to the food as it takes effort to put together the food that we eat.
  • Have the time to relax and enjoy your food without interruptions.
  • Take food into your hands. 
  • Consider how it feels between your fingers. 
  • Observe its colour, aroma, texture, flavour, and sound of the food by using all the senses.
  • Observe any thoughts you might be having about it. 
  • First, feel the touch of the food, smell it unique fragrance, its texture and variations.
  • Slowly begin pull out the first bite, observe the food unwinding, its thickness and crispiness.
  • Observe the fine motor coordination involved in pulling out the bite. 
  • Remember the anticipation while making bite ready for eating.
  • Now gradually bring the food bite to your lips.
  • Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and smell. 
  • Observe your mouth salivating as you anticipate eating it.
  • Take the food into your mouth and chew it slowly, noticing its taste, flavours and ingredients.
  • Hold it in your mouth. 
  • When you feel ready to swallow, observe if the body naturally wants to swallow it.

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