How To Become Professional - Open Mindset To Maximize Potential

The key skill needed to become a professional is to understand that no moment is exactly the same as another. Everything around us is constantly changing.  However, most people tend to see situations and individuals as if they are the same as before, viewing them through the lens of our habitual perception. We can call this a closed mindset.

Mental resilience - Being Self Compassionate

We are more prone to negative emotions as compared to positive biologically and often criticise ourself when we are not able get enough task completed thus we let ourself or others down or we feel that we are not good enough. 

Self-compassion means being caring, kind and understanding to yourself; recognising that you are not perfect; and understanding that in any failure you encounter, there is possibility for learning and development.

The research shows that this self criticism is associated with anxiety and depression and on the contrary self compassionate behaviour is associated with high motivation, curiosity and well being. 

The following are the tips for compassionate attitude for mental resilience,

  • Practice making small constructive gestures to combat habitual negativity, such as thanking one colleague every day and jotting down three items that went well before leaving work.
  • The next time critical thought arise, transform it into compassionate, constructive statements. Imagine how would you convey to a child or to the person you love and care.
  • In punishing your future for the failures of your past, there is no meaning. Learn and  develop out of it, forgive yourself, and then let it go.
  • Doing good for others makes us happy, only if it does not lower our own rate of well-being. Look at the difference you make by being generous and do not forget to give back to yourself
  • Humour helps us cope and stay sane use it to come out of mind chatter.