Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection

When visiting a hospital, it is very essential for prevention of hospital acquired infection that one may pay attention to some basic hospital guidelines that is being discussed in this article.

Sources of Infection in hospitals:

1. Patients own flora or Endogenous  (50%):-  Auto-Infection and is Greatest source of potential danger.
2. Environment or Exogenous(15%):-  Air-5%; Instruments-10%
3. Another Patient/Staff :-  Cross Infection (35%)

Prevention of Hospital Acquired (Nosocomial) Infection:

  • Limiting transmission of organism:-  By adequate hand washing, glove use whenever coming in contact with the patient or blood or tissue samples, following appropriate aseptic practice, isolation strategies, sterilization, disinfection practices and laundry.
  • Controlling environmental risks for infection:-  By maintaining distance with the patient or suspect having communicable disease and not touching random objects like table, bed, chair or any equipment and being aware of the instruction signboards.
  • Limiting the risk of endogenous infections: By minimizing invasive procedures, and promoting optimal antimicrobial use such as Alcohol hand rub and vaccination.
  • Good nutrition: Always following balanced diet that having good nutrition thus boosting immunity.

Good general ward hygiene:

–   No overcrowding
–   Good ventilation
–   Ask for regular cleaning with disinfectant
–   Maximize the use of Disposable equipment

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