Tips to overcome negative thoughts

Since our minds biologically generally tend in the direction of bad thinking, you may not recognize that complaining and gloomy outlooks draw out energy, drive, and satisfaction.  To counteract recurring negativity, exercise making small wonderful moves, inclusive of thanking one colleague each day and jotting down three (large or tiny!) matters that went nicely earlier than leaving work.  Even giggling with colleagues can create a feeling of positivity. Humour allows us to cope and live sane so allow that post-weekend chatter play itself out. Following are the few tips to counteract negativity and live a healthy life.

Prevention of Hospital Acquired Infection

When visiting a hospital, it is very essential for prevention of hospital acquired infection that one may pay attention to some basic hospital guidelines that is being discussed in this article.

Sources of Infection in hospitals:

1. Patients own flora or Endogenous  (50%):-  Auto-Infection and is Greatest source of potential danger.
2. Environment or Exogenous(15%):-  Air-5%; Instruments-10%
3. Another Patient/Staff :-  Cross Infection (35%)

Prevention of Hospital Acquired (Nosocomial) Infection:

  • Limiting transmission of organism:-  By adequate hand washing, glove use whenever coming in contact with the patient or blood or tissue samples, following appropriate aseptic practice, isolation strategies, sterilization, disinfection practices and laundry.
  • Controlling environmental risks for infection:-  By maintaining distance with the patient or suspect having communicable disease and not touching random objects like table, bed, chair or any equipment and being aware of the instruction signboards.
  • Limiting the risk of endogenous infections: By minimizing invasive procedures, and promoting optimal antimicrobial use such as Alcohol hand rub and vaccination.
  • Good nutrition: Always following balanced diet that having good nutrition thus boosting immunity.

Good general ward hygiene:

–   No overcrowding
–   Good ventilation
–   Ask for regular cleaning with disinfectant
–   Maximize the use of Disposable equipment

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