How To Become Professional - Open Mindset To Maximize Potential

The key skill needed to become a professional is to understand that no moment is exactly the same as another. Everything around us is constantly changing.  However, most people tend to see situations and individuals as if they are the same as before, viewing them through the lens of our habitual perception. We can call this a closed mindset.

Physical Fitness For All

Physical activity is vital and natural to all of us but it gets hindered because of artificial engaging sources such as working all day on a computer or Using Elevator instead of stair or Using vehicle all the time as medium of transportation. Essential Physical activity doesn't demand to be going gym for two hours daily or compulsory playing of any strenuous sports as most of people think but rather living a natural life itself servers the purpose, Although if one does enjoy other sought of exercises then its added advantage as it not only makes muscles stronger and body organs active but also releases so called feel good hormone  endorphin that make one active and cheerful.

Physical activity is not only essential for stronger and healthy body but also in reducing the risk of Diabetes or Cardiovascular diseases, Weight Management , Relaxation and recreation and also enhances social life.

Having said that one can make physical activity as part of their living by doing bouts of simple exercises as shown in the following chart, few minutes each to reach the quota of essential activity. Try to at least go for intermittent walking /cycling or stretching your arms, legs comfortably even if you are very busy by your schedule and take stairs instead of elevator, walking in particular is very accessible and safest exercise for all age group so everyone must do it.

There is one thing to be remembered that physical activity alone is not adequate for holistic health, a good nutrition as well as healthy mind are also mandatory, All three can be summed up by themselves without intervention of thought if one starts living a natural life.

Here are few tips for healthtard's who wants to do more for their body's strength and stamina:

  • Exercise thumb rule Start slowly and then build up.
  •  Aerobic exercises that makes your heart beat faster such as jogging, dancing, swimming, jumping are good for improving cardiovascular endurance and burning a lot of calories and hence in weight management.
  • Muscle training includes lifting weight and specific maneuvers that can be learned by joining a good gym near to you.
  • Balance between aerobic exercises , muscle building, stretching is very crucial in attaining solid Stability and flexibility. Otherwise body's power system would be weak somewhere along the line. One can always include one sought of aerobic exercise for stamina building along with muscle training while doing stretching in between of the two.
  • if one likes to play any of the strenuous sports like tennis, volleyball, football or basketball etc which basically act as a cardiovascular aerobic exercise which gives endurance and hence would complement one's muscle training exercises.

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