Affirmation and Gratitude To Get Things Done Effortlessly: Mental wellbeing and Productivity

Affirmations and feeling gratitude are amazing ways to let go of or address old negative thoughts and get things done effortlessly. In this article, we will explore how to use positive affirmations for improved professional well-being, wellness, and happiness. Notice how you are feeling right now when you think about all the work responsibilities that have been causing you stress. You may feel some pressure building up in your body.

Hospital Signboards and Emergency Codes

One must be aware of the various hospital signboards and emergency codes for information as it provides learning and conveys essential information:

  • Quickly
  • With minimal misunderstanding to staff
  • Prevent stress and panic among visitors to the hospital

Learn through the Sign Boards, Warnings, Information posters in hospitals: 

Try to be aware of information and warning signboards in the hospitals as they are useful sources of safety and education. Here few of the signboards are presented so that one could gets an idea of what these signboards means and hence be informed and free of unnecessary fear and anxiety that arise because of confusion when visiting a hospital.

Image 1

Standardized hospital emergency codes can help enhance patient safety and cut down the risk of errors in care. As in the above image 1, instructions for segregation of waste is shown to minimize environment hazards and ease the disposal.


Image 2


Image 3

The above two images i.e image 2 and image 3 shows the directions to various hospital departments  in and out to minimize confusion among visitors and ease the traffic.

Image 4


The above image 4, shows the WHO Hand washing protocol to give essential hygiene information to visitors in the hospital at a glance.

image 5


The above image 5, shows the warning signboard within the hospital for radiation safety information.

So, concluding this post with a learning, “Be aware and Stay Safe”.

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