How To Become Professional - Open Mindset To Maximize Potential

The key skill needed to become a professional is to understand that no moment is exactly the same as another. Everything around us is constantly changing.  However, most people tend to see situations and individuals as if they are the same as before, viewing them through the lens of our habitual perception. We can call this a closed mindset.

10 Tips To Healthy Meals for Family

The person who prepares the meals have better control over the nutritional content and the overall healthfulness of the foods that family eats. So here are the 10 tips to healthy meals for family. Enjoy your day and Cheers!!

healthy meals for family


  • Its always better to Have at least one item that’s green (i.e vegetables) at mealtimes.
  • Its better to Have semi-skimmed milk in a cup of chai instead of full-fat milk.
  • Use and prepare foods that contain little or no salt.
  • Its better to eat a portion of fruit instead of an Indian sweetmeat.
  • Avoid using prepackaged seasoning mixes because they often contain a lot of salt also replace cream with low-fat yogurt in ‘creamy’ curries.
  • Its better to have Snack on unsalted nuts (such as walnuts, almonds, cashew etc.) instead of deep-fried pakoras, bhajis or packed eatables having food color and preservatives.
  • Its better to Use soybean instead of full-fat paneer cheese.
  • One can opt for wholemeal flour instead of plain flour when making chapatis as wholemeal flour has good fiber content.

NOTE: I recommend that, All nutrition suggestion should be read by keeping in mind, the principle of moderation as body requires anything and everything healthy in moderation but certain disease condition requires abandon or reduction of certain item such as salt in hypertension or artificial color in certain food allergies, which is case specific. But the article is carefully written and nevertheless following standard nutrition guidelines is a good health choice unless you are suffering from particular disease.


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