Ergonomic safety while working

Studies have shown that people sit anywhere between 7.7 and 15 hours a day.  A partial solution to mitigate the risks of 
prolonged sitting has been to stand while working. 
Standing for long periods can, however, lead to 
exhaustion, low back pain, and cramps in the leg. 
The body is not built for the continuous positioning
 of the same pose or load on it. 

It is that significant breaks and changes in body positions are required. Keep on recognising that the next position is the strongest position. Blood flow, vitality, and alertness would be improved by switching between sitting and standing. 

Whether sitting or standing, while computing, workers should always follow simple ergonomic principles. 

  • Do not lean forward to see the job or type in the head or back. 
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and your wrists in a neutral, straight posture. 
  • To balance the bent elbow height, change the work surface height.
  • Place monitors so they are around the viewing distance of an arm's length and height is roughly eye level at the top portion of the panel. 
  • For extended periods of time, be sure to prevent static postures from sitting or standing.
  • Do stretching of various parts of for body for flexibility.
For several, home-based work has increased screen time and therefore reduced built-in breaks and that could cause pressure on eyes. Everyone, particularly those working on a computer for long periods of time during the day, is at risk of eyestrain.

Eyestrain can lead to general fatigue, increased myopia (nearsightedness), and a reduction in overall performance if not corrected.

Effects of Blue Light on health

  • Producing attacks of headache or migraine and worsening pain or other symptoms.
  • Lead to eye fatigue
  • Suppress melatonin hormone production which can lead to disruption of sleep cycle.
  • It can cause damage to the retina of eye and may also contribute to other eye disorders.

Preventing or minimising the effect of Blue light

Make sure to switch, our eyes included! Our eyes are muscular, so they often need to move constantly. Take your eyes off your phone every 20 minutes and concentrate for 20 seconds on something 20 feet away, which will help prevent eye strain. 

Another useful suggestion is to rest your eyes by taking a break, doing a quick workout, going for a walk, or doing a non-computer (or device) related activity at least every two hours.

Anti blue light screen protector or blockers for laptops and tablets. Also there are inbuilt settings to minimise the exposure and reducing the brightness.

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