A Performance Mindset - reality check

We face an attention crisis. Technological disruptions and continuous change have created what we call the PAID reality, where we are Pressured, Always-on, Information-overloaded and Distracted. This reality is severely attacking our attention, focus and presence. As a result, we suffer from Attention Deficit Trait, where we are distracted 47% of our time. 

This has an infinite negative impact on our performance, to not mention our creativity and resilience. we've moved into attention Economy, where understanding and managing attention is now the one most significant determinant of business success.

The given below is the mental effectiveness matrix to understand various dimensions of the work we do.

The good news is that we are able to train the mind to boost attention and thereby performance. The neurons in our brains are changing constantly supported what we predict and do. If we head to the “mental gym” and proactively train our “attention muscle”, we are going to neurologically rewire our brain to reinforce focus and every one our work activities. 

Here is our proven ABCD method(used by many thousands of employees globally) to coach the mind:

Anatomy: Have a straight, relaxed back with grounded presence.

Breathe: Let your breath be your anchor of focus. Breathe naturally.

Counting: Silently count at the top of every out-breath: from 1to 10 so backpedal to 1 in cycles.

Distractions: When distracted: relax, release it, and return back to the breath. Start again at 1.

Science shows that mindfulness training offers numerous benefits at work including enhanced task performance, higher cognitive process, problem-solving, job satisfaction, and work-life balance. It also offers numerous personal benefits including increased sleep quality, happiness, immune function, and mental fitness.

To reap these benefits, start a daily mindfulness practice today. Download any mindfulness training app for guided practices. Engage in group practices whenever possible. Just 10 minutes of daily training will make the difference between struggling within the PAID reality and thriving within the attention economy.

So the key takeaway is to boost performance, enhance attention using mindfulness training.

And to try to do is to start out a daily 10-minute mindfulness practice.

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